Gender: Female
Home: Unknown
Pokemon Type: White, Shiny
' Unknown
Current: Team Victory
Past: Unknown

Blanca is an antagonist in Emerald Skies. She is part of Team Victory.

Backstory Edit

UNDER CONSTRUCTION and also spoilers so yeah.

Emerald Skies Edit

Blanca greets Wallace at the introduction, claiming to be the friendly professor to guide him during his stay in Auros. It obviously turns out she is not a helpful friendly professor later on.

Blanca is a lead scientist in Team Victory, apparently in charge of environmental and Pokemon research. However, this role is questionable as she seems to lack knowledge in the environment of the region. She is however an expert in Pokemon Biology.

Pokemon Team Edit

Blanca uses a full-shiny team, of which most if not all of them contain a white/silver colour.

Emerald Skies Edit

Pokemon Lugia Klang Rapidash Froslass Mew Kabutops
Type Psychic/ Flying Steel Fire Ice/ Ghost Psychic Rock/ Water
Gender N N F F N F
Ability Multiscale Clear Body Flame Body Cursed Body Synchronize Weak Armour
Item Leftovers Eviolite Choice Scarf Focus Sash Expert Belt Sitrus Berry
Moves Protect Volt Switch Wild Charge Attract Power-Up Punch Waterfall
Psychic Flash Cannon Stomp Crunch Zen Headbutt Rock Slide
Toxic Signal Beam Flame Charge Blizzard Thunder Punch Brick Break
Aeroblast Gear Grind Poison Jab Shadow Ball Shadow Claw Knock Off

Personality Edit

Blanca is constantly wide-eyed and easy to amuse. She has typical mad scientist personality in that she is constantly either amused or worried. She also seems to not care of ethics and morals, or even about her Pokemon, as she displays some cruelty towards them in some instances.

However she is not necessarily "insane" or "out of control" as she makes out to be. Her diaries show that she is indeed intelligent and logical, even calm if it needed be. However, she also proves to be a pathological liar who is dishonest in the way she conducts her works, though she may not be aware that she also lies to herself. She also fails to value her past friendships and has proven to be violent towards them. She does seem aware of her faults besides lying to herself, but her desire to conduct her research makes her willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this.

She does not seem to care much about Team Victory's cause, and only serves them to allow her to be in employment and have her own research laboratory.

Trivia Edit

"Blanca" means white, in reference to her white labcoat. However it may not be her real name.