Emerald Origins
Game emeraldorigins
Release date: 8th April 2016
Number: 1
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Emerald Skies

Emerald Origins is the first game released in the Emerald Series. It is a prequel to Pokemon RSE/ORAS, taking place around almost ten years prior. It follows the story of Wallace and his eventual partner Steven. The game was created by cherrytruck, and coded using Pokemon Essentials BW by Kleinstudio and RPG Maker XP.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is similar to Gen 5 of Pokemon, although the game is semi-linear and the exploration of Hoenn is limited. Since the game is mostly story-focused, development of the Pokemon team is limited. There is no Pokedex and no opportunity to catch new Pokemon. Wallace begins with a fixed team with fixed movesets. However, held items can be changed and Pokemon can still evolve if the conditions are met. Wild encounters and trainers are still encountered as normal and double battles are also involved.

Plot summary Edit

Taking place nearly ten years prior to the events of RSE/ORAS, the game follows Wallace in his adventures from Sootopolis and his explorations around Hoenn, where he meets many new friends and learns new experiences with them. Wallace and Steven are faced with challenges including some foes, as well as the decision of if they identity and dreams for their fates, and understanding what the true meaning of strength is. The themes of the story include acceptance of identity and freedom.

Cast Edit

  • Wallace - the protagonist of the story, a gym trainer who is faced with the duty of giving up his hopes and ambitions to become the leader of Sootopolis.
  • Steven Stone - a new friend that Wallace meets and instantly bonds with, and has an interest in stones.
  • Juan - A gym leader who trains Wallace and shares a close bond with.
  • Joseph Stone - Steven's father whom he has a difficult relationship with.
  • Seymour - Wallace's biological father, who believes Wallace should learn to become a strong leader through isolation.
  • Lisia - Wallace's niece.
  • Damon - Wallace's rival who constantly bullies him and points fun at the duo for being "girly men".
  • Kate - Wallace's rival who pairs up with Damon and is also fascinated by Japanese culture.
  • Winona - a gym leader in training who is a close friend of Wallace.
  • Roxanne - a gym leader in training who is a close friend of Steven.

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