Emerald Skies
Release date: 3rd May 2017
Number: 2
Preceding: Emerald Origins
Succeeding: TBA

Emerald Skies is the working title of the second game within the Emerald Series. It is a sequel to Emerald Origins, taking place around one year after the events of RSE/ORAS and BW2. It will take place in a new original region named Auros. The game will be developed by the same person as the previous game, cherrytruck.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay is intended to be similar to Emerald Origins following a fixed team, however there are plans to make the game more explorable and less linear. The game will take place in a new region set on an island, named Auros. The levels and difficulty of the Pokemon faced will be higher, though Wallace's Pokemon will also have become more powerful. There will no longer be random trainer encounters, though there are be more event-based battles.

Plot Summary Edit

Wallace and Steven visit Auros, a region hosting a Pokemon Champions tournament between many trainers around the world. He is reunited with several friends as well as his sister, Azura, a former Elite Four member.

However, troubles are soon found in the region as the tournament is disrupted as a criminal gang named Team Victory sabotage the area. Team Victory's mission is to prevent the rise in population and immigration into Auros, stating that the human population is disrupting the natural habitat of Pokemon. The true nature of Team Victory soon makes it apparent to Wallace and the gang that there may be more to them than they let out.

Cast Edit

Team Origin:

  • Wallace - champion of Hoenn and guardian of Sootopolis.
  • Steven Stone - champion of Hoenn and Wallace's partner.
  • Cynthia - champion of Sinnoh and a friend of Steven and Wallace
  • Lance - champion of Johto and a friend of Cynthia.
  • Azura - Wallace's sister and the mother of Lisia, a former member of the Elite Four in another region.

Team Victory:

  • Victor - the boss of Team Victory, a well-spoken and calm but also patronizing man who believes his vision is the best way forward for the region.
  • Bruna - Secretary and Admin of Team Victory, a quiet woman with little words to say.
  • Blanca - Scientist of Team Victory, apparently in charge of Pokemon and Environmental research but seems to simultaneously too little and too much for her job to be done legitimately.
  • Sienna - Another Team Victory Admin and arguably the most friendly member.
  • Carrey - a trainer who specializes in an odd style of Pokemon.

Minor characters: