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Welcome to the Emerald Series wikia! This is a project in working progress for the fangame Emerald series, but currently there is a lot of info including characters, plot and Pokemon teams for most pages. Feel free to contribute!

Disclaimer: Please remember this Wikia is of a fangame series and is not intended to be a source of information for Pokemon RSE/ORAS. Neither the games nor the creators of this project are associated with Nintendo or Gamefreak.

Game Titles Edit

Emerald Origins Edit

A prequel set around 10 years prior to RSE/ORAS.

Emerald Skies Edit

A sequel set shortly after the events of RSE/ORAS and BW2.

Current Page Categories Edit

Characters Edit

Games Edit

Pages that still need to be made Edit

  • Locations/Regions
  • Cultural stuff (Sootopolitans, Team Victory, etc)

Latest activityEdit

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